Crowdfunding the Novena Open Hardware Laptop

Hardware hacker Bunnie Huang and software hacker Xobs have begun crowdfunding the Novena Open Hardware Laptop/Desktop computer. All software source is available. All hardware is open and documented. It is, to my knowledge, the first completely open device built since the early days of garage computing.

The look of the computers are, to put it kindly, pragmatic. Function permeates every aspect of the computer. The hardware is a “dream setup” so to speak. It has the most powerful and open specs money can buy. You can get just the motherboard for $500 (this would be my choice), an All-in-One for $1,195, an open keyboardless laptop for $1,995, or the Heirloom laptop fully built for $5,000. As you might imagine, this isn’t for regular users. It’s for developers, hackers, and hobbyists who want/need an open build environment.

I’ve been following this project since Bunnie first posted about it a while back, thinking one day I may have the necessity/audacity to acquire one when it comes out. Well, the time has come and I have a perfectly good Thinkpad x230 and no justification for buying it beyond total geek glut.

I won’t list the full specs here, but please to go check it out: