Hello world!

Welcome to screenhugger.org, the web home of Michael C. Pagnotti. Here I’ll be posting things which I find interesting, thought provoking, or relevant to my field of eLearning and educational technology.

A little bit about me: I am an eLearning grad student with a special interest in emerging technology for use in official educational environments, as well as, organic learning experiences. I also have my hand in topics which affect digital education. This would include technological ethics and philosophy, privacy, user rights, cyber-politics, economics, and to some degree, futurology .

This site contains the majority of my experience in education, my career, and my academic work. I have designed it to be a hub for all those seeking information about me. You’ll find other ways to follow me on the Open Web, links that interest me, and my writings on various topics.

Stay tuned for more!